DOW Nordel EPDM off-spec

Nordel IP 3760P            200MT                Bulk/Bags     
Nordel 6565 XFC            3.8MT                Bags             
Nordel 3765 XFL            200MT                Bulk/Bags     
Nordel IP 3640              200MT                Bulk.Bags      
Nordel IP 4570                19MT                Bags               
Nordel IP 4640              148MT                Bulk/Bags     
Nordel IP 4725                60MT                Bulk/Bags       
Nordel 6555 OE            100MT                Bags               
Nordel IP 5565              100MT                Bags               
Nordel XUS 51107            2MT                Bags                
Nordel XUS 51108      1.452MT               Bulk                  
Nordel XUS 51109            2MT                Bags              
Nordel XUS 51111          100MT              Bags                
Nordel XUS 51116      0.325MT               Bags              

USD / MT CFR main ports, port of loading: USA, price and quantity subject to confirmation and unsold basis

Please see attached file for detailed off-spec reasons for each grade

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