Firestone SSBR C700 PCU ( Plant clean up )

Manufacture:         Firestone U.S.A

Grade:                    C700

Type:                      SSBR PCU

Quantity                 Approx 60 MTS

Package:              One way Steel Boxes

Payment terms :               TT 30/70 or LC

POL :                           Jebel Ali UAE.

Shipment :                 Prompt.

Comment :                 Clean, No contamination , Moisture about %5.

The C700 is Firestone’s internal classification for material that they have set aside as scrap material during the production of their prime Duradene grades.

There is no data sheet for the C700. To further assist you attached is the data specifications for the Firestone Duradene product line and actual photos.

The C700 consists of these grades.

Material will be delivered as it is. No claim or return of container will be accepted by our company for PCU material. 


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